Leading a big brand campaign requires the same discipline, behaviour, and attitude no matter what team you’re in or how senior you are. If you’re leading, then you’re owning it, the buck stops with you, whether you’re managing one small part of the campaign or you have overall control. If you’re handing off your part of the campaign to someone else to lead the next stage, you’ve checked it and double-checked it to make sure it’s perfect and right the first time. If you’re leading the client, you’re making sure expectations are managed, deadlines are met and decisions are made. And if you have overall leadership of the campaign, you’re driving the process, motivating the team, and ensuring the deliverables are nailed.

Brand campaigns can be fast-paced and the pressure to deliver can be high, but we look out for each other and Pull Together to Go Big for our clients’ ambitious campaigns. You’ll be helped and encouraged to be Always Learning, that’s how we stay ahead in a fast-changing environment.

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